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Once the year 2010 comes around, the mother of the bride will be seeking a mother of the bride dress to wear to her daughter’s wedding. Likewise, for the mother of the groom. Mother of the bride gown sales usually starts out strong during mid-January onwards.

The typical mother of the bride sometimes despair in finding a dress to wear because the local shops and department stores do not stock what they exactly need in terms of color, style, and sometimes functionality.

The local bridal boutiques do carry stock of the dresses but due to the economic recession, have been cutting back on inventory on the dress racks. Mothers still have to browse catalogs and imagine what they would look like in the dresses they pick out from these catalogs. is now offering customizable or “made-to-measure” special occasion dresses. Whether you are petite or tall, regular or plus size, they are launching their made-to-measure mother of the bride dresses in January 2010.

This is great news for someone who cannot purchase an outfit “off the rack.” Also, even if she could, the color or style might not be just right for her or for the wedding. Prices are so reasonable and are very competitive with the prices of the other “ready-to-wear” apparel found on the website.

We need to hear feedback and kudos (or not) from you regarding this. I do appreciate all comments.

Scala 25363 Fall 2009 Mother of the Bride Dresses

Scala 25363 Fall 2009 Mother of the Bride Dresses

Photo credit: Scala 25363 in colors of lead, ivory, olive, and bronze.

Mother of the Bride Dresses by

Everyone who has been visiting our website rave reviews on our Scala brand of dresses. Check out their website here Click the “MOB” section and you will see their very youthful and glamorous line for Fall 2009.

Scala places close attention to beading details using sequins, bugle beads and seed beads that are hand sewn. Their dresses are mostly made of silk while this fall, we are seeing organza fabrics and of course, chiffons. Prices are very reasonable for their mother of the bride dresses and for the quality and exclusive designs that are so notably Scala’s!!

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