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Custom Mother of the Bride DressesTo my readers new and old,

I have been “out of the loop” with blogging and sharing stories about the fashion world particularly in mother of the bride dresses and such. It was such a busy year for us despite the economic recession. I believe that there are lots of women out there who have a not-so-great time looking for their special dress. They come to my webstore for low prices and extensive selections. And they find them. We thank you, our customers, for making 2010 a great year for us.

Christmas is in 9 days and not one mother is worrying about her dress at this time. But once the “fa-la-la-la-la-ing” is over and done with, the bride’s wedding looms very, very near. The designers and manufacturers will then introduce their new styles for Spring 2011. The new designs now are trendier and more “hip” for the mother of the bride. However, not all mothers want to wear strapless bustier top dresses with bolero jackets.

Our store is different and we are different. We listen to what the real mothers want. The mothers who are not a size 4 or 6 and who have fitting issues with their dresses. Mothers want to look tastefully elegant without sacrificing their integrity.

We provide brands now that will customize the style for you without changing the original pattern too much, of course. These custom mother of the bride dresses are offered from sizes 2 to 38. Which physical store out there can do this for you, I wonder?

Best of all, prices are very reasonable and waiting time is not too long–about four weeks. Enjoy your holidays, your family and friends, and the food, fun, and laughter that goes with it. Looking forward to seeing you all visit our store come 2011! Peace, and God Bless!

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Once the year 2010 comes around, the mother of the bride will be seeking a mother of the bride dress to wear to her daughter’s wedding. Likewise, for the mother of the groom. Mother of the bride gown sales usually starts out strong during mid-January onwards.

The typical mother of the bride sometimes despair in finding a dress to wear because the local shops and department stores do not stock what they exactly need in terms of color, style, and sometimes functionality.

The local bridal boutiques do carry stock of the dresses but due to the economic recession, have been cutting back on inventory on the dress racks. Mothers still have to browse catalogs and imagine what they would look like in the dresses they pick out from these catalogs. is now offering customizable or “made-to-measure” special occasion dresses. Whether you are petite or tall, regular or plus size, they are launching their made-to-measure mother of the bride dresses in January 2010.

This is great news for someone who cannot purchase an outfit “off the rack.” Also, even if she could, the color or style might not be just right for her or for the wedding. Prices are so reasonable and are very competitive with the prices of the other “ready-to-wear” apparel found on the website.

We need to hear feedback and kudos (or not) from you regarding this. I do appreciate all comments.

Stacey Mother of the Bride Dress

Stacey Mother of the Bride Dress

Hi there,

It looks like it is a slow bridal season this year with the economy being the way it is. Afthr the bride’s dress is purchased, alongside the flower arrangements, the wedding favors, hotel and reception, wedding DJ and band, etc., the mother of the bride dress is last on the list of things to plan for. Oftentimes, this goes unplanned and the mother of the bride has to scramble and look for her dress at the last minute.

The bridal stores offer various mother of the bride apparel. However, with spur-of-the-moment shopping and lack of proper planning, prices tend to be exorbitant.

With a limited budget, shopping is really not easy. At our online store, we update our “clearance rack” once a week with marked down specials. Prices range from $15 through $135. This beats shopping at the local store. Oftentimes, our clearance items are the current season clothing – we just have to make way for more items. It is just that simple.

Scala 25363 Fall 2009 Mother of the Bride Dresses

Scala 25363 Fall 2009 Mother of the Bride Dresses

Photo credit: Scala 25363 in colors of lead, ivory, olive, and bronze.

Mother of the Bride Dresses by

Everyone who has been visiting our website rave reviews on our Scala brand of dresses. Check out their website here Click the “MOB” section and you will see their very youthful and glamorous line for Fall 2009.

Scala places close attention to beading details using sequins, bugle beads and seed beads that are hand sewn. Their dresses are mostly made of silk while this fall, we are seeing organza fabrics and of course, chiffons. Prices are very reasonable for their mother of the bride dresses and for the quality and exclusive designs that are so notably Scala’s!!

There are news and more news of the economic crisis bombarding us from all angles.  Should you as the mother of the bride or groom cut corners and save money by pulling out something to wear from your current wardrobel?  After all, don’t most ladies have at least one special occasion dress to wear which was already once or twice at some other formal occasion? 

I know what you are thinking….”what if the invited guest has already seen me in this outfit?”  Oh dear, the dilemma we ladies face and the embarrassment of it all!

I have good news for you.  I am sure you have already checked out the department store racks combing for the sales and clearance items.  First of all, determine the price range you want to allecate to the mother of the bride dress.  Then you will not go above and beyond your means and have a guilty complex later.

Here are some quick and easy tips for shopping for affordable mother of the bride apparel.

1.  Of course, the sales and clearance racks.  No brainer.

2.  Bridesmaid dresses–yes, bridesmaid dresses and you have read this correctly.  The styles are fashionably revealing or fashionably modest.  You may want to go for the latter and use a nice shawl or wrap.  Bridesmaid dresses come in a choice of colors and shopping this way may be much easier for you.

3.  Clearance items from online bridal stores. Most items are marked to clear at their cost price as they really do want to move it out quickly.  Web stores do not have the foot traffic that brick-and-mortar stores have.  Therefore, the huge markdown for something that mostly has been tried on (not worn) only once, or not at all.

4.  Simply shop online bridal websites.  Their prices are not marked up twice or triple the cost price of the dress.  Online shopping is the way now and more of the future as shoppers get more savvy and computer literate.  Prices are cheaper and time is saved browsing online in your jammies.

5.  There are several websites selling low priced or discount mother of the bride clothing.  There are high end mother of the bride apparel that compete with the prices of the brides’ wedding gowns.  You see these in the specialty bridal boutiques and department stores.  However, stores like  (click this link) offer dresses that range from $100 to mostly $200, and up to $300 max.  Our selections are huge, prices very reasonable, and someone can help size you if you are in doubt.  Also, the most wonderful thing is that we have the most number of plus size mother of the bride dresses around. 

6.  Dive into your closet, pull out that dress that was worn just once or twice, and add a shawl, jacket, something creative to it to get a brand new look.  Your seamstress may be able to give you suggestions as she will probably have to make something for you to accessorize your outfit.

There you go, ideas that will save you money and make you feel special for the wedding day.  You need to shine as well being the mother of the bride, and you so deserve it.

Poly Fashions 5706 Mother of the Bride Dress

Poly Fashions 5706 Mother of the Bride Dress